The holidays can be a stressful time, but you don’t have to let them win.

Take control of the holiday season, and chill!

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What’s up in this episode?

1. DEC 20th UPDATE – Our FREE Big January Reset is now open for enrollment!

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3. Our new brand, new theme, EatMoveLive52 is coming soon!

4. What’s coming in the podcast? More interviews, plus some ‘he said, she said,’ where we’re not afraid to take the mic alone and make a podcast!

5. Chill Holidays – our annual holiday program, where we help our group to beat holiday stress and defeat the myth of holiday weight gain, and in the process hit January more relaxed, better, stronger, and leaner than ever.

Chill Holidays & 5 Strategies to Beat Stress and Overeating this Holiday Season

6. Scruffy Hospitality – Speaking of holiday celebrations, how about having people over without worrying about perfection. The holidays are about people, right?


Roland & Galina

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Our Great January Reset goes live January 1st

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