model vs model, liquid a$$, paleo rules, and treadmills drool!

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What did we talk about?

1. Victoria Secret Model vs Fitness Model

victoria secret model vs fitness model

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2. iPad posture in kids – 7 year old get cervical pain


4. Aromatherapy? Liquid Ass @


5. Paleo Bashing – A lot of the paleo diet criticism is strawman arguments, and makes for funny headlines. For the record, we agree, and wish the healthy paleo diet had a better name.

Paloefantasy on


Debunking Paleo on TEDx


6. Treadmills and Foot health

Says Restorative Exercise™  Specialist Katy Bowman:


The treadmill is a no-no for anyone with a hip, pelvic floor, psoas, or knee issues. Sounds weird, right? You thought walking was walking? Nope. Ok, fast physics lesson. On this planet, things move forward by:

A) Pushing backward

B) Using A Credit Card

C) Leaning forward, and then falling.

If you guessed “A and C”, then you are correct.

Source: Aligned & Well

Cobblestone Mat


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