Interview with Galina Denzel

Roland sits down and interviews Galina about emotional eating. We talk about the signs, the reasons why we do it, and three simple things you can do to help you stop emotional eating.

Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating - Galina Denzel

Notes & Links

1. We're back from our super restful road trip!

2. How can you tell if you're experiencing emotional eating?

3. What are the emotional and physiological reasons that we (yes, us too) emotional eat?

4. What can you do to stop emotional eating?

5. Galina's drawing exercise can help you regulate your emotions and increase tolerance.

6. Sing! Take advantage of your ancient human social wiring and feel better instantly.

7. Self touch is a powerful way to help yourself feel better (without eating).

8. Stressed (or uber-stressed) by the holidays? Check out our Chill Holidays Program!

9. If you haven't listened to our Kelly Coffey Episode, then you owe it to yourself to learn about self-love from one of the best! 


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