Earth Centered Therapy for Modern Day Growth and Healing Andrea Bell, LCSW joins the EatMoveLive52 Podcast to talk about how nature, even in the...View Details

Lois Laynee joins the EatMoveLive52 Podcast tell you how Restorative Breathing can help you think more clearly, and live a better, healthier life

"...View Details

Our friends Dr. Mike T Nelson and Jodie Fabulous Nelson are a perfect example of 'opposites attract.' And their own Mr. Mole is an example of a perfe...View Details

You might already be taking care of your nutrition and food, but isn't it time to look at your 'movement nutrition,' as well?----more---- We all love...View Details

  Our friend, author, health writer, and personal trainer Aleisha Fetters joins us to talk about self-care, how it started, how its perception h...View Details

Time management. Todo lists. Still trouble getting things done? Lyn Christian joins us to talk about FOCUS  management, instead! Lyn Christian ...View Details

You've heard of living off grid? Well Michael Bunker lives OFF off-grid! A deliberate life, pre-industral living, fermented foods, REAL bacon!

M...View Details

Pain in the belly can be more than food intolerances or illness. Trauma, scars, and even a life of relative inactivity can lead to discomfort, const...View Details

Roland & Galina sit down to talk books, Q&A, and why the Personal Health Planner is the key to YOUR health success.

Roland & Galina - Q...View Details

With Alzheimer's Disease and other cognitive conditions on the rise, it's never been more important to take care of your brain. We talk to Chef AND D...View Details

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